Ministry of defence hands out the shield of loyalty to Asmmad family


the ministry of defence represented by the assistant of defence minster, Ali Mohammad Alkuhlani has handed out the shield of loyalty as a gratitudeto his great sacrifices in defending the country  to the martyr prisedent Asmmad family represented by his son and his brother in Sadah city.

The shield of loyalty was recieved by Asmmad elder son and his brother ,Aadel in the attendence of Sadah governer  ,Mohammad Jabber and the head of social welfare in minstry of defence D. Mhanad Almotwkel,

Alkohlan said ” what ever we do or give to Asmmad family , we are not as loyal as to Asmmad deserves.

from his position, the governer of SAdah expressed his great thanks in the name of Asmmad family and all sadah city sons for Sayyed Abdulmalek and the politicai leadrship.