Ashuhadaa organization rewards martyrs families of Aldorihmi sieze



Ashuhadaa organisation with collcboration of minstry of inferior represented by the minister of inferior assistant ,Mohammad Alkohlani has rewarded the martyrs families who have been martyred in releasing the seize on Adoraihmie.

The rewarding event was attended by Mohammad Ali Alhothi, the member of superume political council who has affirrmed the importance of intersting in martyrs families and that is the least of loyalty to martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the country safety.

At the end of the festival event , Alhothi and Alkohlani and others have distributed symbolic gifts and asum of money to the martyrs families living in the capital sanaa pointing that families in other cities willbe rewarded in thier cities.

on thier side , the martyrs families exoressed thier greatful thanks to the the revolution Sayyed Abdulmalek and to Ashuhadaa orgnisation which constantly does great efforts to look after all martyrs families