The Martyr ,Abu Yunis ,Is a Strike against the Enemies of Allah on Various Fronts and a Figure of Loyalty to Allah

The Martyrs Foundation – a Martyr Biography / written  by: Abdullah Abdulkarim

Biography :

Name: Abdul jabbar Abdullah Jaber Al-Awairy
Jihadist Name: Abu Younis
Province: Saada – Bani Moad – AL-Masna’ah
Date of birth: 1982 AD
Age: 35 years old
Date of Martyrdom : 11-3-2016
Place of Martyrdom: AL-Jawf
Place of burial ” Martyr Graveyard “: Guway – Bani Moad

His Raise  – and a Part of his Characteristics :

The martyr grew up among his family members in Bani Awir in Saada province. He studied in the region’s schools until he graduated from high school. After that, he enrolled in a number of religious  institutes in Saada province. His ideal was Al-AL-Bait, the prophet Mohammed’s family, peace be upon them , whereas he loved them ,in addition to being loyal to them.
The martyr used to love and  affectionate the poor a lot and reading and science and strive to recognize facts  , as well as he was funny with all people, old and young.

One of the most prominent features  that characterized the martyr is being honest and brave and after the start of his  jihadist phase ,the  martyrdom was characterized by being  determined   of issues  and attitudes  and accurate  in the planning and carrying out the military operations.

His Jihadist Start:

The martyr was a careful man about  his nation and its dignity ,whereas  he  started early as a man belonging  Allah , participating  in many battles and wars alongside with  the great Mujahideen, whereas he was brave and accurate in his planning.

Tasks He Took:

He took many tasks, especially in the war of Damag and AL-Qata’ah  as well as the liberation of Amran , the battles of Sana’a, and  Taiz .He moved to Aden and casued the enemies of Allah heavy losses and won a lot of battles .Then he moved  to Jizan and stormed the front lines of the enemy and then returned to AL-Jawf, and scorned the enemies of Allah  until he fell martyred  ,so peace be upon him.

His most Prominent Attitudes:

He had a lot of attitudes, most notably attitude is storming Aden , Taiz and the front lines in Jizan ,AL-Zabadi, AL-Mamaood and AL-Mahdaf,  and facing advances in AL-Jawf before falling as a martyred.
Opinions  of his Family and Companions:

His family’s opinion: His family says that the martyr, Abdul-Jabbar ,was kind and keen on Allah’s religion ,in addition to love  the prophet Mohammed and his family ,peace be upon them , fighting ,religion, and facts  .

Friends of the Martyr: Abu Yunus – may Allah have mercy on him – was a strike ,whereas he inflicted the enemies of Allah big losses , and he used to love Allah , his prophet, Imam Ali, the prophet’s cousine and the leader of the Koranic march so much.

The Story of his Martyrdom:

During the fierce battles in AL-Jawf directorate , the martyr moved with a number of Mujahideen as a reinforcement. However, the hysterical bombing of the Saudi-American jets on the road forced him to move through another way  ,where  the jets  targeted them , so his convoy was overturned ,and the car was hit and overturned. As a result , he fell martyred ,peace be upon him.

The Martyr’s Will:

The martyr recommended his comrades to abide by the love of the Ahl-AL-Bait, the prophet Mohammed  family, peace be upon them,  and to abide by the directives of the leadership of the Koranic march, not to abandon jihad and to strike the enemies of Allah  anywhere forcedly  and firmly .

The martyr also recommended his companions with being patient in difficult times , and he and trusting  in the victory from Allah and his support for his vulnerable worshipers  .