Charity Project to Sponsor orphans

Martyrs Foundation – Charity Project

This project  was launched within the framework of social activities and in line with community contributions that are willing to support philanthropy, including sponsoring  orphans as orphans’   sponsor means the right to live comfortably ,to learn , to get health facilities . These rights are enshrined in divine laws and positive laws

These rights represent a side in which there is an opportunity for competition between the good people to contribute to sponsor  the sons, daughters, widows, mothers and those who depend on the martyr within the framework of partial sponsor  or comprehensive sponsor that covers all aspects

This foundation , according to the sponsor project, aims to contribute to strengthen the community ties and activating human relations though giving an opportunity to society members  , in whole, to receive the Medal of Honor , contribute to open a door of the mercy doors to those with white hands and enable them to obtain the great reward from Allah by sponsoring  the martyrs’ families , embodying the spirit of brotherhood, integration and social interdependence  to  follow the directives of the prophet of Allah, may Allah bless him and his family. Whereas the prophet  said: ” believers in their prayers and mercy are like one body, if an organ complains , the rest of the body remain with it by being suffering from insomnia  and fever