Taiz Province: A Large Crowd Celebrates Five Martyrs of Truth and Dignity amid the Emphasis on Continuing the Approach

Martyrs Foundation – Taiz

Taiz province ,Wednesday, 20 February 1438 H, corresponding to 18 January 2017, celebrated  five of the martyrs ,who fell martyred  in the fields of right and dignity as they defended  the religion and homeland ,amid the rejoicing of those present with the Lord martyrdom wedding

To his hometown of Hathran, the audience took  the martyr ,Sadiq Ali Nasser Abdullah Al Sufi ,to the graveyard amidst a popular celebration of the great achievements he received and pride in the martyr’s martyrdom

 At the same level the martyr / Wajdan Naji Ali Haj, the martyr / Adel Ali Mohamed Zaid ,and the  martyr / Mohamed Massad Mahyoub Ali Mohsen who died in the paths of sacrifice and martyrdom along the fronts of pride and honor to their final resting place in the Martyrs’ Graveyard  in Alhoban ,directorate of AL-Taziah

The mourners affirmed, amid great celebration and pride, the great sacrifices made by the great martyrs, who pledge themselves to walk on their Lordly approach until achieving victory and  defeating  the invaders, mercenaries, traitors and agents from all over the homeland

Our Martyrs are our Greatest Ones