Bani Matar’s and Khawlan’s Sons in Sana’a Province Bury a Group of their Great Martyrs

Martyrs Foundation-Sana’a

The honorable members of the tribe of Bani Matar ,Saturday, 2017/1/28, a constellation of martyrs of dignity and honor who they are the martyr / Mohammed Mohammed Ammar ,the martyr / Taha Saleh Muhammad Hazam , and the martyr / Alaeddin Ali Saleh al-Mutari to Martyrs Graveyard in the area amid renewing the covenants to proceed on the martyrs’ approach and the fulfillment to their pure blood

The honorable people of Bani Shadad district ,Khawlan , in addition ,celebrated the martyr / Abdullah Abdul Karim Omar to the Martyrs Graveyard in the area amid a large community presence in honor of the great martyrs

In  the area of Nehim  ​​Ghula , the  honorable people celebrated the martyr / Mortafa’a  Abboud AL-Tairi  to the Martyrs Graveyard in the region

The mourners and the families of the martyrs stressed on the importance of continuing on the path of the martyrs and going on their approach in defense of religion, land, and dignity