The Capital Sana’a Commemorating Two of its Heroes amid the Emphasis on Continuing the Approach and Struggle

The Martyrs Foundation -the capital

The sons of the Unity Directorate in the capital ,Sana’a, took a number of great martyrs who gave great examples of the meanings of the tournament , the sacrifice and honor in the fronts of steadfastness and struggle to the graveyard

The martyr ,Ibrahim al-Tamis, from al-Ruwadi neighborhood, the political zone, district  of al-Wahda to the martyrs’ graveyard , 50th Street, amid the affirmation of the loved ones and the families of the martyr to go on the path of martyrs and continue  their approach in terms of defending  religion and homeland

An absent prayer was performed for the spirit of the martyr / Osama al-Hadrami in the mosque of Husseini in the zone of  Omana’a  , al-Wahdah directorate  in honor of the great martyrs who honored us and  humanity with their pure blood
# Our Martyrs are our Greatest Ones