Ashuhadaa foundation in inaugurates the distribution of the school bag to the children of martyrs in Ibb governorate


Yesterday, Monday, the branch of the Martyrs Foundation in Ibb Governorate, in partnership with the branch of the General Authority for Zakat, launched the project  of distribution of  the school bag to the children of martyrs in the governorate for the current academic year 2021-2022. At the inauguration, the governor of Ibb Abdul Wahed Salah praised the efforts made and the humanitarian gesture towards school students from the sons of martyrs to reduce the financial burdens on them, especially in light of the aggression and siege. He pointed out that caring for the families and children of the martyrs and providing support and assistance to them is the least grateful duty towards themThe sacrifices of their loved ones in defense of the country. Governor Salah urged everyone to support the Martyrs Foundation, in a way that enhances its role in serving the families and children of the martyrs. For his part, the governorate’s supervisor, Yahya Al-Yousifi, indicated that caring for the families and sons of the martyrs is a religious, moral and patriotic duty towards those who sacrificed their lives for the homeland, its security and stability. . He pointed out that the martyrs’ awakening has resulted in pride and glory for the country that has been confronting the countries of global arrogance for nearly seven years. In turn, Muhammad Al-Naqeeb indicated in a speech on behalf of the Zakat Authority office in the governorate that the school bag projectIt targets 1,600 male and female students from the sons of martyrs in the governorate. He noted that the project includes providing financial sums to each student in the amount of 15,000 to encourage them to enroll in schools. While Muhammad Al-Moayad explained in a speech on behalf of the Martyrs Foundation that the implementation of this project, which coincides with the Ashura commemoration, comes within the framework of projects aimed at caring for the children of the martyrs, touching their needs and helping them face challenges, especially in light of the repercussions of the current circumstances as a result of the continued aggression and siege. The inauguration was attended by the head of the Martyrs Foundation, Ahmed Jaran and the commander of the fourth axis, Brigadier General QassemAl-Ayani, the governorate’s representative, Ahmed Al-Manhami, the general directors of the Zakat Authority offices, Majid Al-Tineh, the Muhammed Al-Masawi Martyrs Foundation, Abdul Hakim Moqbel, the culture and information and documentation, Sadiq Al Sinan, the director of the directorate of the directorate, Nabil Al-Awadi, and the supervisor of the directorate, Hafez Hajar.