Ashuhadaa organization launches the distribution of the school bag for the children of martyrs in Saada city


The 15th of August

The branch of the Martyrs Foundation in Saada Governorate has launched today, in partnership with the branch of the General Authority for Zakat, the project of distributing the school bag for eight thousand students from the sons of the martyrs of the province. At the inauguration, in the presence of the Governorate’s Undersecretary for Culture and Media Affairs, Yahya Al-Hamran, and Director of the Martyrs Foundation branch in Saada, Abdullah Al-Kestban, the scholar Mohsen Al-Hamzi praised this humanitarian gesture of the Martyrs Foundation to ease the burdens on the families of the martyrs and encourage their children to enroll in schools for education. He pointed out the importance of having childrenThe families of the martyrs are fully sponsored in the community, stressing that the responsibility rests with everyone and not only the Martyrs Foundation. While the educational official of the Martyrs Foundation branch, Hussein Khalil Al-Hamzi, explained that the school bag distribution project targets eight thousand male and female students from the sons of the martyrs in the governorate and its districts, indicating that the bag contains integrated school supplies. He praised all those who contributed and cooperated in the success of this project, led by the General Authority for Zakat, which will bear fruit in pushing the children of martyrs to education. While the Director of Awareness at Hay’at Branch indicatedGibran Muhammad, from the Zakat Authority in Saada, stressed the importance of strengthening efforts to care for the children of martyrs, as well as strengthening the projects of the Zakat Authority to carry out projects that serve the children of martyrs and the governorate. The inauguration was attended by the Deputy Director of the Education Office, Abdullah Al-Jalal, the Director of the Office of the Executive Director of the Foundation, Abdel Fattah Ardoum, the Accounts Officer, Muhammad Qanaf, and a number of directors of the executive and educational offices in the governorate.