Asmmad exhibition of Eed clothin for martyrs children opens

Al Shuhada Foundation and  the General Authority of Zakat opens the exhibition of the martyr President Al-Samad For Eed clothing for

Sons of martyrs In Sahar The governor of the province, SheikhMohammed Jaber, director of the foundation’s branch, Mr. Abdullah Al-Kastban, and a number of personalities, the exhibition of the martyr President Saleh al-Samad, located in the Directorate of Sahar Sa’da, and through the central exhibition of the clothing of the sons of martyrs, the director of the foundation considered this as the inauguration of an ethnic10 sub-exhibitions in the province, all held in the company with the AuthorityGeneral zakat.By the way, the children of martyrs are in the eyes of their community, sharing their joy and drawing it on their faces by securing the Martyrs’ Foundation for  the cover of Eid clothing for all the children of martyrs.And in the scene of the opening of the exhibitions of Eid cladding in Sa’da sponsored by the FoundationMartyrs seemed to be to the children of martyrs, great with the talent of their fathers. covenants fell or missed and how



Blood and the imprint of loyalty are present.As for the participating gathering of the sons of martyrs their joy was present in presenting the finest. It’s a charity for a people’s jump.

They affected the selves and did not let it go, the presenters of it are a close proximity to them in bliss.


And when you stare at your eyes and you end up in

The corners of this exhibition find an aesthetic color oasis not what is made with local Yemeni hands fabrics and supplies

It pleases the eyes and delights the hearts, but

More importantly, he’s going to wear it.

From the sons of the immortals.


The moon was complete and the joy of Eid was marked in the middle of the holy month of Ramadan on

He greeted the children of the martyrs by providing clothes of

Eid al-Fitr for all the sons of martyrs by Alshuhada’a organization.