Tow exhibition of eid clothing opens in the districts of sadah and majaz for martyrs children

the 19th of ramadhan 1442


The branch of Ashuhada’a organization has opened in Sa’adah governorate two clothing exhibitions of Eid for Sons and daughters of martyrs In the districts of Sa’da and Majaz.

This opening comes as an inaugurationTo start the process of spending eid clothing for the sons and daughters of martyrs in the district districts of Sa’da and Mjaz. each exhibition is divided intoTwo sections, one for women’s clothing and the other for men’s clothing.


This inauguration was attended by the governor of Sa’da Mr. Abdullah Al-Kastban, head of the planning and evaluation department of the foundation Majid Azan and the director of the branch office Abu Ismail for the exhibitions in Mjaz and Sa’da cities.

They praised the representatives of the branches of the foundation in the directorates for their distinguished efforts in the service of the sons of martyrs as they expressed their satisfaction with what appeared to be the exhibitions of the distinctive cladding in terms of organization and the mechanism of spending eid clothing for the children of martyrs.


During the visit, the executive director in the Branch of the organization in Sa’da thanked all collaborators with the foundation’s delegates in the directorates through the preparation of exhibitions of eid clothing that befits the families of martyrs and meets the needs of their children with regard to the clothing of Eid al-Fitr.