Martyrs Foundation holds a ceremony honoring the contributions to Ihsan program to strengthen the interaction of society to sponsor the orphans of martyrs

Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a

The Martyrs Foundation for the Care and Rehabilitation of Martyrs’ Families in cooperation with the Women’s Commission in the Capital , in August 4th, held a ceremony in honor of the contributions of the Ihsan Program in the Cultural Center in the capital Sana’a in recognition of the efforts made by the female community towards sponsoring the orphans of the great martyrs and pushing to participate in the success of this project

At the ceremony, several speeches were delivered highlighting the message of the Ihsan Orphans Sponsorship Program, which is part of the Department of Social Welfare within the framework of the foundation’s service and projects

The speeches also stressed that the aim of this ceremony is to inform the community of the program of Ihsan, which improves the sons and daughters of martyrs financially, morally and educationally within the framework of the strong challenge of the forces of aggression that made them lose their fathers

This honor is a tribute to the active and significant role of women in supporting this program that serves the sons and dughters of the great martyrs