The head of the Martyrs Foundation visits hospitals ,makes sure the health services provided to the families of martyrs

Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a

Based on the directives of Sayyed. Abdul Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, the leader of the Quranic march, may Allah protect and support him, to pay attention and inspect the families of martyrs and work to harness all the possibilities in order to help them and serve and meet their needs.

A delegation from the leadership of the Martyrs Foundation, headed by Mr. Ahmed Ahsan Gran, the head of the foundation, accompanied by Mr. Hussein Al-Qadi, Acting Executive Director and Dr. Hussein Al-Salba, Director of the Health Administration,on August 4, visited the families of the martyrs in Sana’a Municipality and made sure of providing the health care to them.

The delegation visited a number of hospitals, including Al-Thawra General Hospital and Kuwait University Hospital, to take a look at the situation of the families of the martyrs in the hospitals and to discuss many issues, problems and obstacles faced by the families of the martyrs when they receive health care.

During the  visit to Al-Thawra General Hospital, the delegation met with the Chairman of the General Authority oDr. Abdul Latif Hussein Abu Taleb and a number of the hospital’s medical and administrative leaders and disscused a number of difficulties facing the families of the martyrs , including providing a reception desk for the families of the martyrs to facilitate their access to health care.

Dr. Abdul Latif Abu Taleb presented the readiness of the leadership of the General Authority of Al-Thawra General Hospital to provide all care and help ,overcome all difficulties and solve all the problems, praising the efforts of the health department in the foundation in attention and follow-up service to the best segment of society, the families of martyrs.

The delegation also praised the great efforts of the health staff in the hospitals, as well as the leadership of Al-Thawra and Kuwait University hospitals, as well as the health cadres for its service to the families of the martyrs, calling for redoubling efforts to develop services and full care for the children and families of the great martyrs who offered the highest meanings of heroism and sacrifice on the fronts of pride and dignity.