The Martyrs Foundation _ Hajjah branch- launches the school bag project for martyrs’ sons , daughters

Martyrs Foundation-Hajjah

The Martyrs Foundation ,  for the Care and Rehabilitation of Martyrs’ Families ,launched a school bag for the sons and daughters of the martyrs in Hajjah province  in a ceremony attended by the leaders of the province and a number of the families of martyrs in the province.

During the launching  ceremony, Professor . Abdul-Malik Jahaf, Undersecretary of Hajjah Province for Financial and Administrative Affairs, stressed that the continuation of the educational process in Yemen is the most important confrontation against the Saudi-American aggression on Yemen. Reopening  schools and educational centers for the next academic year 2017/2018 during the  siege are as  stabs and fatal blows to the coalition of aggression .

He  confirmed , during the ceremony of  launching  the handover of the school bag, which was held by Martyrs Foundation at the province compound, that attention to the sons and daughters of the martyrs is only a small drop from the generosity of their parents and brothers who sacrificed their lives to defend the homeland.

He praised the members of the educational department  for their steadfastness in carrying out their duties in educating the people of the homeland under harsh and difficult financial conditions due to the war, siege and starvation policy practiced by the Saudi enemy and allied with it  over three years, hoping everyone would feel his responsibility towards the Yemeni people.

The deputy director of the Education Office in Hajjah province, Mr. Ahmed Abu Dunya, give a speech which included  preparations made by the Education Office to start the new academic year in all schools and educational centers in the province.

Abu Dunia pointed to the existence of understandings and solutions projects adopted by the Ministry of Education on the problem of the unpaid salaries of educational cadres associated with the Ministry, including the proposal to establish a fund to support the submitting of salaries of teachers and other effective solutions to ensure the continuation of the educational process .

During the launching ceremony, a number of activities that  were made up of poems and emotional chants that were appreciated by the audience.