The Martyrs Foundation holds a training workshop for the foundation’s media staff in the provinces in the presence of 11 trainees

Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a

The Martyrs Foundation for the Care and Rehabilitation of Martyrs’ Families held a training workshop for the media staff in the provinces ,which covered 11 provinces.
Where the workshop was opened with verses from Al-Hakim followed by Brother Abdullah Al-Houthi. The speech was then delivered to Mr. Hussain Al-Qadi, Sana’a branch official.

Mr. Hussein Al-Qadi stressed the importance of media in institutions so that it is the main factor for the spread  of the activities of the foundation to the society, and when the media section, in turn, does its duties , the foundation’s achievements  to supporters and families of martyrs

He called on the foundation media staff to move seriously and responsibly as they are in a charity that cares about the most important Yemeni families, the families of the martyrs who have provided the most precious possessions for the sake of Allah and the dignity of the Yemeni people.

Mr. Ismail Al-Wadai, Head of Rehabilitation and Training Section at the foundation, gave a speech that stressed the need of training the  media staff ,so that they can carry out their work to accurately , stressing that the training section of the foundation is ready to held  various training courses about various fields.

The speech was delivered by Mr. Jibran Al Shaikh, Head of the Media Department, welcomed the trainees, stressing the interest of the educational department with its cadres who work in various provinces to ensure that they carry out their work accurately.

He also dealt with the tasks that the media staff should carry out, and talked  about  the foundation and its objectives and activities for the society of the foundation, whether they are the supporters or the families of the martyrs.

After that, the workshop started with the first section, “Skills of Successful Media Staff” , which was delivered by the trainer, Abdulla Abdul Karim Al-Huthi, through which he explained the skills that must be available in the media staff to be proficient in his work , whereas it  dealt with many areas, whether related to the media staff  themselves or the media staff  possesses of  capabilities and qualifications that enable them to carry out the work entrusted to him well.

It also included the role of the media staff in the provinces, and what the media staff of the foundation should do during the next stage according to the plans by the leadership of foundation and  the media department.

The training workshop continued in the afternoon, where media staff were trained in order to be able  to write news and take pictures by the trainer, Abdullah Al-Huthi. It ,in addition, covered the role of media staff in non-profit organizations.

At the end of the training workshop, practical application was took place of all the contents of the workshop.

For their part, the trainees – the media staff of the provinces – stressed that they will implement what they received in the training workshop and develop the media work in the provinces in order to achieve the tasks entrusted to them by introducing the foundation and its activities and projects.