the students of martyrs summer schools visits the shrines of immas in Amran city


22 Dhu al-Qa’dah 1442

 Students of Al-Shuhada’ Summer Scho have taken a trip on Friday 22 Dhu al-Qa’dah 1442 AH to visit thtakehrines of Ahl al-Bayt imams in Amran Governorate The students of the Martyrs Summer School on the last

 Thursday evening revived the cultural evening, which varied in its paragraphs and carried with it many meaningful messages that embodied from the bonds of faith unity as a title that embodies the faith identity between the sons of Yemeni society in general and the sons of the student martyrs in particular. This evening culminated with a meaningful guiding speech Presented by the guest of the evening, Mr. Hadi Ammar, office managerEducation in Sana’a Governorate After dawn this Friday, the students of the Martyrs School set out with their teachers, and the lens of Al Masirah satellite channel accompanied them to the governorate of Amran.. Where their itinerary began to the Directorate of Dhibin.. (Dhofar region) to visit the shrine of Imam Abdullah bin Hamza, peace be upon them both, bypassing the burdens of travel by climbing to the tops of the towering mountains where the shrine of the Imam, peace be upon him, is located, reading the visit to his honorable shrine, as well as visiting the mosque and the famous historical monuments and forts. Subsequently, the students of the school made a similar visit to the shrine of the ImamAhmad Ibn Al-Hussein, nicknamed (Abu Tair), in the Dhibin area, and read the supplication of the visit to his holy shrine Moving to visit the shrine of Imam Hussein, son of Imam Al-Mansur Billah Al-Qasim bin Ali Al-Ayani, and reading the supplication of the blessed visit Where the students benefited from many lessons and lessons during these visits and learned a lot of information about the great role played by the imams of Ahl al-Bayt, peace be upon them, in their jihadist march based on enjoining good and forbidding evil and going out to confront the oppressors, aggressors and renegades and linking this to what is happening in today’s reality compared toWith unjust wars led by imams of disbelief and their followers on our Qur’anic path and striving to extinguish the Qur’anic light, this confirmed that the story is the story and that history repeats itself and that the solution and the way out is to establish the principle of loyalty and dependence on God and the people of the House, peace be upon them, and hostility to their enemies.