opening the free exhibition of Eid clothing for martyrs children in Haja city

The 14th of Ramadhan 1442



On Monday,Ashuhada’a organization and the General Authority for Zakat launched a free exhibition of Eid clothing for the children of martyrs in Hajjah governorate.


In the inauguration, The media Minister Difallah al-Shami praised the efforts of the Ashuhada’a Foundation and zakat authority in launching the project, which includes 12 exhibitions distributed among thirty-one districts in the province.


Al-Shami expressed his pride of the exhibition, which contains local products produced by the families of martyrs in high quality, considering the inauguration of the exhibition an important achievement indicating interest in the children and families of martyrs despite the scarce possibilities and siege.


He called on the people of society to continue to pay attention to the children and families of the martyrs and to give and give in the knowledge of the sacrifices of the martyrs in the face of aggression.

Hilal al-Sufi, governor of Hajjah , noted the efforts of the Zakat Authority and Ashuhada’a Foundation to adopt such initiatives to ease the burden on the families and families of the martyrs.


He stressed the importance of concerted efforts to touch the conditions of the children and families of the martyrs and to contribute in bringing joy to their souls, in light of the crisis resulting from the continuing aggression and siege.


Najmuddin Idris, managing director of the Ashuhada’a Foundation, said the project comes within the framework of the foundation’s role in caring for the children of martyrs, gratifying the sacrifices of their families in defending the country, its security and stability.


Idris praised the efforts of shareholders, donors and supporters of the activities and projects of Ashuhada’a Foundation, calling on businessmen and businessmen to support Ashuhada’a Foundation to provide for the requirements and needs of the families of the martyrs.


The inauguration was attended by a number of leaders of the local authority and the supervisory office in Hajjah province and a number of concerned.