With the support and assistance of charitable people in the governorate, the Martyrs Foundation launches Eid sacrifices for the families of the martyrs in Ibb governorate

The Martyrs Foundation – Ibb Governorate

With the support and support of philanthropists in the governorate, the Martyrs Foundation in Ibb Governorate ,July 31st, launched the Eid sacrifice project for the families of needy martyrs in the various directorates of the governorate, as this project included (17) heads of cows and (20) heads of goats.

The governorate’s general supervisor, Yahya Al-Yousfi, explained during the inauguration event that caring for the families of the martyrs, especially the needy and those who left behind small children, is an ethical and religious responsibility and a national duty that all the well-off must undertake.

He pointed out that the Martyrs Foundation spares no effort to support the families of the martyrs and take care of them, praising the economic empowerment and rehabilitation project that the Foundation seeks to implement on the families of the martyrs in order to provide them with resources through which they can provide a decent source of living for them. He called upon all relevant institutions and bodies to take care and cooperate with the Martyrs Foundation and to provide generous support for the programs and activities of this institution.