The Martyrs Foundation in Ibb Governorate distributes food baskets and Eid clothing to 84 families of martyrs from Bilal’s descendants in the governorate

The Martyrs Foundation – Ibb

The Martyrs Foundation in Ibb governorate , July 27th, in cooperation with the Zakat Authority, launched the distribution of food baskets, clothing and Eid gifts to (84) children and families of the martyrs, who are Bilal’s descendants.

During the inauguration, the governorate’s general supervisor, Yahya Al-Yousifi, explained that Bilal Bab’s descendants made great sacrifices for the sake of God and in defense of this country and were at the forefront of the ranks from whom dozens of martyrs rose.

Al-Yousfi praised this step and the humanitarian gesture by the Martyrs Foundation, in translation of the directives of the Leader of the Revolution, Mr. Abdul-Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, may God protect him, to take care of Bilal’s descendants and take care of them, indicating that the Ibb governorate seeks to present what can be provided to this important segment that has not achieved its natural right to live and equal citizenship.

He said: Bilal’s descendants have proven in these critical circumstances that our country is going through as a result of the aggression that they are the most proactive in defending and confronting any foreign enemy that tries to undermine the security, stability and independence of the country. He called on Bilal’s descendants in the province to continue to mobilize, support the fronts, and participate in the victory industry.

The Director of the Martyrs Foundation in Abu Muhammad Abdul-Baqi Al-Masawi delivered a speech in which he affirmed the Foundation’s keenness to implement the instructions of the Leader of the Revolution with care and care for Bilal’s descendants, indicating that Bilal’s descendants in Ibb set out from an early age in the cause of God and in response to this aggression and rose from them dozens of great martyrs, praising the heroic positions that Bilal’s descendants represented her on various fronts, pointing out that the Foundation has many programs and activities through which it seeks to provide support and care for the families of the martyrs, descendants of Bilal.

The inauguration was attended by the director general of the media office in the governorate, Abdul Basit Al-Nawaa, the general director of the Saba news agency Fahad Salah, and the security director of the Al-Udain Directorate Shaker Al-Shabibi.