The Martyrs Foundation in Dhamar governorate inaugurates the Eid sacrifice project for martyrs’ families in the governorate

The Martyrs Foundation – Dhamar

Under the title “Your Giving is Loyalty”, the Martyrs Foundation in Dhamar Governorate ,Aug. 1st, launched the Eid sacrifice project for the families of the martyrs in the governorate.

Where the meat of the Eid sacrifices was distributed to families most in need in all directorates of the province, so that everyone could enjoy what God has bestowed upon us from the cattle beast.

At the inauguration, the branch official, Judge Abdul-Malik Al-Marouni, explained that the implementation of these projects is the least that can be offered to the families of the martyrs, whose families sacrificed their lives in defense of the homeland, its security and stability, and that whatever society offers to these families, it is not worth anything in front of the great sacrifices they have made.

The Dhamar branch official also thanked all the contributors to this project, which reflects the community’s interest in the families of the martyrs, and affirms to everyone the solidarity of the Yemeni community in good and bad times.