The Martyrs Foundation in the Capital Secretariat holds a meeting for the representatives of the districts to discuss the payment of a salary and a half and discuss the survey work and the sponsorship program for the childern of the martyrs

The Martyrs Foundation – the Capital Secretariat

# The Martyrs Foundation in the Capital Secretariat held , Tuesday, 15 Rajab 1441 Hijri corresponding to 3/3/2020 AD, an expanded meeting with representatives of the directorates, surveyors, educators, and employees of the Capital Secretariat, headed by the Acting Charge Officer of the Secretariat Branch A / Sami Musa, who discussed the mechanism of paying one and half salary for the months of August and September 2019 AD ,electronic cards and field survey work.

The Chargé d’Affaires Commissioner praised all the surveyors for submitting the survey forms and fielding the survey to the remaining families of the martyrs, and he urged the directorates of tracking families with salary problems and resolving them.

On one hand, the Information Officer of the Amanah branch, Mr. Muhammad Al-Hamzi, discussed the procedures for salary payment and accuracy in submitting data in the sympathy forms and the completion and uploading of pictures of martyrs with a barcode.

On the other hand, the Operations and Sponsorship Officer at the Amanah branch, Ayman Luqman, pointed to the speed in raising birth certificates for the remaining children of the martyrs with the delegates, the remaining 530 birth certificates, in order to complete, adjust, correct, and amend the ages and confirm the names of the childern in the martyrs’ childern base until the end of February 2020 AD