The distribution of food baskets for the families of the martyrs done in districts of Sana’a province

Martyrs Foundation – Sana’a

In the presence of the Acting Director General of the foundation Mr. Abdul Salam Talabi and funded by Yemen Mobile Company, Martyrs Foundation in Sana’a concluded ,Thursday, distributing food baskets to the martyrs’ families with a total of 600 food baskets

In a statement to the media, the official of the Martyrs Foundation in the province, Mr. Saleh Hamza said that the foundation had distributed these baskets through two phases the first included (5000) food baskets for (Sinhan , Balad AL-Roos ,Bani Hashish ,Arhab ,Nehm ,Hamdan ,Bani Matar,AL-Haimataen, Manakhah, Safan, Bani Bahlool, Bani Dabian, AL-Taial and AL-Aroosh) districts, while the second and final stage included (600) baskets tfor o the families of the martyrs in the other directorates, namely, Khawlan Al-Taial ,Al-Hosn and Jahana districts

Praising all cooperation and interaction to provide and distrbuate these baskets to the families of martyrs

In turn, Mr. Abdul Salam Al Talbi, the Excuative Director of the Foundation, called on all the province traders, officials to pay attention to the sons and daughters of the martyrs during the blessed Eid and throughout the year. They are in dire need of help and loyalty becaus of their parents’ sacrfieses

The inauguration was attended by Mr. Abdulwahab Al-Makhdi, on belhaf of the Public Relations Department at Yemen Mobile as a supporter of the project and Mr.Hussain al-Shami, the branch’s official in Khulan al-Taial