Under the Solgan# Ihsan to Sponsor Orphans -Martyrs Foundation Holds Curtural Ceremony on the Occasion of the Prophet’s Birthday

The Martyrs Foundation – Saada

 The head of the Martyrs Foundation, Mr. Ahmed Hassan Jaran, the Martyrs Foundation – Saada Branch- held a cultural and cultural celebration under the slogan “Ihsan for the safety of orphans” on Saturday, in honor of the Prophet’s birthday.

At the ceremony, the director of the central project of the program, Mr. Mohamed Al-Moayyid, delivered a speech ,explaining that the idea of ​​the program is based on a financial sponsor for the orphans of the martyrs at a rate of ten thousand riyals per month for each orphan and for one year with a total of one hundred and twenty thousand riyals.

Al-Moayad added that the mechanism of work of the program is as follows:

1- Filling the sponsorship form by the sponsor , which includes his personal data ,the number of orphans who are sponsored with the amounts and the mechanism of receipt of reports

2 – After completing the form, the sponsor will provide the approved amount of the program and deliver it according to an official receipt.

3 – The program selects the orphans who are sponsored according to the standards and the issuance of a copy of the sponsor with the membership card of the sponsor.

4- The money of orphans shall be disbursed monthly and the sponsor shall be provided with disbursement reports according to the agreed mechanism .

Al Moayyed stressed that the foundation seeks to sponsor the largest number of orphans during this year , caling on businessmen and all the good people to interact and participate in the program to sponsor the orphans of the martyrs.

For his part, the province’s  governor Yusuf al-Fishi urged  in a brief speech on the great interaction with the program Ihsan as a step to prove the community’s adherence to the Prophet Muhammad ,peace be upong him and his family and follow him in charity to orphans

A statement was made on behalf of the martyrs’ sons, delivered by Yahya Radwan al-Hamzi, who affirmed that they are following the path of the Messenger of Allah, his biography, his jihad and the approach of their martyrs who sacrificed their lives cheaply for the sake of Allah and in defending the freedom and dignity of our Yemeni people.

A number of speeches were delivered at the event, in which he gave a speech about the martyrs’ families, delivered by Mohammed Ahmed Dirham. The delegation stressed the necessity and importance of caring for the children of the martyrs educationally, socially and culturally.

The ceremony also included poetry, and the presentation of the flash, as well as the performance of the Martyrs band, Whereas the poet Zakaria El Hadi delivered a poetic poem to the audience.

The ceremony was attended by governor of the governorate Mohammed Jaber Awad, the head of Martyrs  Foundation, Mr. Abdullah Al-Kastban, and a number of officials of the foundtion in the provinces, and villages, in addition to a  number of government and social figures, a number of journalists and a large number of families of martyrs and citizens.