spending the money of support

Sunday/ 20/12/2020

Alshuhadaa organisation — yemen

Ashuhadaa organisation,represented by its head T.Taha Jarran, has launched today distributing the support sum of money for three months of this year to martyrs families.

Jarran has declared that the sum is rated by 360 milions Ryal which will be deliverd to 13800 orphan sons of martyrs in all the free cities.he added that the organisation is going to increase the number to 19000 orphans by the end of 2020 according to the abilities of the organisation.

In the launching cleberation,attended by all the workers in the organisation and financial department head in the ministry of defense, Ali Almatary who promised to support 5000 orphans, Jarran invited all offical sections in the government and all yemenie people to take care of martyrs families for those who sacrificed themselves fro the security of our homeland