Ashuhadaa foundation launchesthe distribution of the school bag to the sons of the martyrs in Marib city

The 16th of August

The Martyrs Foundation branch in Ma’rib Governorate, in partnership with the branch of the General Authority for Zakat, has launched today the project of distribution the school bag to the children of the martyrs. In

the inauguration, the supervisor of Ansar Allah in the governorate, Abdul Ghani Jubran, praised this humanitarian gesture of the Martyrs Foundation and the Zakat Office to ease the burdens on the families of the martyrs and encourage their children to enroll in schools. The First Undersecretary of the Governorate, Muhammad Alwan, stressed the importance of supporting and encouraging the sons of the martyrs, in gratitude for the sacrifices of their families in defending the homeland.. pointing to the importance of such initiativesTo motivate students to continue their studies. While the director of the Zakat Authority office in the governorate, Saleh Al-Saqqaf, pointed to the importance of strengthening efforts to care for the sons of the martyrs, feel their needs, and help them face challenges, especially in light of the repercussions of the current circumstances as a result of the continued aggression and siege. For his part, the director of the Martyrs Foundation branch in the governorate, Muhammad Alwan, explained that the school bag targets 500 male and female students from the sons of the martyrs in the various districts, indicating that the bag contains integrated school supplies. In turn, the price of the director of the Social Welfare Division in the governorate, Yahya Al-SaqqaThe efforts made to support and encourage the sons of the martyrs, stressing that they are a trust and a responsibility on the shoulders of all. The inauguration was attended by the director of the Agriculture Office in the governorate, Fares Al-Qansi, the directors of the Bidbidh districts, Daraan Al-Saqqaf, and Mahlia Muti` Thawabeh, and the supervisor of the Majzar district, Ali Al-Sharif.