The Martyrs Foundation and the Zakat Authority have inaugurated last Thursday the distribution of the school bag to the children of the martyrs in the capital and the governorates

The 11th of August

The Martyrs Foundation, in partnership with the General Authority for Zakat, has launched 2 days ago in Sana’a, a project to distribute an integrated school bag to the children of martyrs in the capital’s secretariat and the governorates for the academic year 1443 AH – 2021 AD. The project targets more than 35 thousand female students from the children of martyrs who are enrolled in public and private schools, at a cost of 172 million and 892 thousand riyals. In the inauguration, the member of the Supreme Political Council, Ahmed Al-Rahwi, pointed out the importance of the project in providing the needs of the childrenMartyrs to complete their education in loyalty to their fathers who sacrificed their lives and blood for the sake of God and the defense of the homeland. He said, “We must give the martyrs’ children and their families the attention they deserve, in order to honor the people of loyalty.” Al-Rahwi affirmed the Supreme Political Council’s interest in the sons and families of the martyrs and providing aid and care to them.. Pointing to the directives to accommodate the sons of the martyrs in various universities, educational facilities, development, capacity building, employment and other fields. He praised the achievements of the Zakat Authority, whose fingerprints have become clear in various legitimate banksIt seeks to open multiple paths that contribute to turning the wheel of development… calling on all those who are obligated to pay zakat to take it out and hand it over to the authority. For his part, the head of the Zakat Authority, Sheikh Shamsan Abu Nishtan, explained that the authority opens the new Hijri year by implementing the school bag project in partnership with the Martyrs Foundation, with the advent of the school year for nearly 35,000 students from among the sons of martyrs. He stressed the keenness of the Zakat Authority to give the children of the martyrs and their families care and attention in various projects and programs in fulfillment of the sacrifices of their fathers who gave their lives cheaply in the cause of God.and home. Abu Nishtan called on everyone to take care of the families of the martyrs and meet their health, educational and rehabilitation needs, stressing the duty of society in general to support the children of the martyrs. In the inauguration, in the presence of the First Undersecretary of the Capital Municipality, Khaled Al-Madani, the Executive Director of the Martyrs Foundation Taha Jaran, and the Chairman of the Zaidi Islamic Council, Dr. Muhammad Al-Hashemi, the Director of the Education Office in the Municipality, Ziad Al-Rafiq, affirmed the ministry’s keenness and its offices in the governorates to take care of the martyrs’ children and accommodate them in public and private schools. He pointed out that the Municipality of the capital accommodatesB More than three thousand students in public and private schools with free seats. He valued the role of male and female teachers and their efforts in the educational process in light of the aggression and the interruption of salaries. In turn, the Deputy Executive Director of the Martyrs Foundation, Abdul Salam Al-Talbi, praised the role of the Zakat Authority and its support for the efforts of the Martyrs Foundation in its various projects in fulfillment of the families of the martyrs. He said, “As a society that enjoys the sacrifices of the martyrs, which yielded glory, victory and strength, we are concerned to pay most attention to the children of the martyrs in all fields,” reviewing the role of the Martyrs Foundation through the educational administration inPay the children of martyrs to schools. While the speech of the sons of the martyrs, delivered by the student Hussein Ghamis, confirmed that the sons of the martyrs are entrusted to everyone and will continue to educate despite the aggression and siege, to follow the path of the martyrs and to arm themselves with awareness and insight. The inauguration was attended by Deputy Executive Director of the Martyrs Foundation Hussein Al-Qadi, directors-general of the Zakat Authority for Financial Affairs Ibrahim Mahdi, awareness and media, Muhammad Al-Mushki, training and capacity-building Ibrahim Al-Sharafi, and a number of stakeholders.