The Inauguration of the school bag distribution project for the children of martyrs in Dhamar

The Martyrs Foundation branch in Dhamar Governorate, in partnership with the Office of the General Authority for Zakat, launched today a school bag distribution project for three thousand students from the sons of the martyrs. At the inauguration, Dhamar Governor Muhammad Nasser Al-Bakhiti stressed the importance of providing full care to the sons and families of the martyrs, in appreciation of the martyrs’ sacrifices in the face of aggression. He praised the efforts of the Foundation and the Authority in adopting the project, pointing out the importance of concerted efforts to support and care for the families of the martyrs on an ongoing basis. As the director of the General Authority office pointed out,For Zakat Ibrahim Al-Mutawakkil that the project comes within the framework of the projects adopted by the authority .. pointing out that the authority will be a support and aid to the Martyrs Foundation in all its projects. In turn, the Director of the Education Office, Muhammad Al-Hadi, stressed the importance of caring for the families of the martyrs and providing care to the students of the sons of the martyrs, in recognition of the sacrifices made by the martyrs in the cause of God and the defense of the homeland. For his part, the director of the Martyrs Foundation branch, Abdul Malik Al-Marouni, and the institution’s care officer, Muhammad Al-Gharbani, indicated that the distribution of the school bag is part of the Foundation’s activities in caring for the families of martyrs in various regions.P fields. He called on everyone to cooperate with the Foundation in caring for the children of the martyrs and providing the necessary needs for them in the educational, health and living fields in fulfillment of the pure blood of the martyrs. The inauguration was attended by Director of Dhamar Directorate Muhammad Al-Siqel and the Postal District, Abdulelah Al-Marouni, Deputy Director of Education Saeed Al-Ghabri, Director of the Oversight Department in the Education Office, Ali Al-Amdi, Head of the Training Division on Vision and Quality, Nabil Al-Samahri, representative of the Supervisory Council, Ali Al-Washli, and a number of directors of departments in the Zakat Office and the Martyrs Foundation