The Martyrs Foundation and the Zakat Authority inaugurate the sponsorship and Eidya cash gift projects for the sons of the martyrs.


 12/ 7/ 2021

The Martyrs Foundation, in partnership with the General Authority for Zakat, have launched today two projects to guarantee 25,000 sons of the martyrs and to spend   Eidiya cash gift for all the sons of the martyrs, by Eid al-Adha 1442 AH. The sponsorship project for the months of “May-June” targets 20,000 children of martyrs and 5,000 new sponsors with the support of the Zakat Authority, while the Eidiya disbursement project targets 28,970 orphans in various governorates. The Secretary of the Supreme Political Council, Dr. Yasser Al-Houri, praised the role of the Martyrs Foundation and the authority of Zakat for their  care of the martyrs’ sons as a  fulfilment of the sacrifices of the martyrs in defending the homeland. He pointed to the need to take care of the children and families of the martyrs and provide their needs in return for the sacrifices of their families in the face of the forces of aggression and mercenaries.. He stressed the importance of strengthening coordination between the Martyrs Foundation and all government bodies and departments, to facilitate the absorption of the children of martyrs in the sectors of education, health and social solidarity and to provide what the families of the martyrs need. Dr. Al-Houri stressed the interest of the Supreme Political Council and wisdom in caring for the sons and families of the martyrs, translating the directives of the revolutionary leadership in EllaThis segment has a special and qualitative interest in developing programs and providing them with the best services. For his part, the head of the General Authority for Zakat, Sheikh Shamsan Abu Nastan, stressed the keenness of the authority, in partnership with the Martyrs Foundation, to expand the sponsorship of orphans from the children of the martyrs from five thousand to ten thousand. He pointed out that the project to spend Eidiya for the children of the martyrs, under the auspices of the Zakat Authority through the Martyrs Foundation, reaches more than 28 thousand orphans. They contributed to the victories. Abu Nishtan pointed out that caring for the martyrs’ children comes from the duty of everyone’s responsibility before God in raising them, educating them and taking care of them in various fields, stressing the interest of the revolutionary and political leadership in various segments of society, in the forefront is the sons and families of the martyrs. In turn, the Executive Director of the Martyrs Foundation, Taha Jaran, explained that the project to spend the Eidiya for the children of the martyrs who are not covered by sponsorship, targets 28,970 orphans from different governorates, with the funding of the Zakat Authority at a cost of 289 million and 700 thousand riyals. He pointed out that the sponsorship projects targets 25,000 sponsored persons at a total cost of 500 million riyals, including five thousand new sponsorships with the support of the Zakat Authority. The number of those sponsored by the authority’s support reaches 10,000, while the Ministry of Defence sponsors 10,000 others. Gran confirmed that the sponsorship program witnessed this year a shift in the absorption of new sponsorships, reaching 25,000 orphans, after the number of those sponsored at the beginning of the year was 8,000, thanks to the interest of the revolutionary and political leadership and its follow-up to the families and sons of the martyrs. He stated that the sponsorship project, which represents a fixed monthly subsistence, is paid every two months to the children of the martyrs Covering nearly 85 percent of the total sons of the martyrs, who represent the poor segment, reviewing the activities and projects of the Martyrs Foundation, which it implements, including Eid clothing, Eid al-Adiya, educational care, school bag, rehabilitation, training and health care. The inauguration was attended by the Deputy Executive Director of the Martyrs Foundation, Hussein Al-Qadi, the Director of Awareness and Media at the Zakat Authority, Muhammad Al-Mushki, and several stakeholders from the Zakat Authority and the Martyrs Foundation.