summer schools entertainment activities for martyrs sons

Tuesday 8/6/2021


In the support of Ashuhada’a organization this morning, Al-Shuhada Summer School students carried out a group visit to the “Al-Dharafi International Stadium” in the capital, Sana’a. The students participated in a number of sports activities and competitions organized by Ashuhada’a organization, for the sons of the martyrs enrolled in schools and summer centers. The competitions witnessed great enthusiasm and enthusiasm, from competitors who enjoyed high sportsmanship and impressive technical levels that reflect the ingenuity of the emerging Yemeni generation and the lofty morals it enjoys. The students expressed their joy and satisfaction for organizing this kind of sports activitiesWhich develops and refines the skill, and helps in improving the behavioral and physical side of the human being. The students thanked the educational administration and Ashuha

da’a organization for their good organization, and for the interest shown by the Foundation for the families of the martyrs and their student children, emphasizing the path of their fathers who gave their lives in defense of religion and the homeland. It is noteworthy that this visit comes within the framework of a number of programs and activities implemented by the educational administration of the Martyrs Foundation, for the children of the martyrs enrolled in summer centers.