Ashuhadaa organisation distributes Ramadhan food baskets in Taiz

the 22th of Ramadhan

4 / May / 2021 AD

Ashuhada’a organization, Taiz Governorate , inaugurates the distribution of the food baskets to martyrs families in.

The Martyrs Foundation, Taiz Governorate branch, in cooperation with the Social Unit and the good people of the Directorate, has launched the distribution of food baskets to the families of the martyrs in Al-Ta’iziyah District. In the inauguration, which was attended by a number of governorate agents and social figures, the official of Ashuhada’a Foundation in the governorate, A / Ali Al-Junaid, indicated that the distribution will include the rest of the governorates. For his part, the representative of Taiz Governorate, Mr. Ismail Sharaf Al-Din, confirmed that it will permeate the distribution of the families of the martyrs and the wounded And that all that is offered to these families remains little before their sacrifices for the sake of this country, its dignity and its territorial integrity. Hams Al-Habbari, the governor of the governorate, praised the efforts made by Ashuhada’a and Social Unity Foundation and the good people of this governorate to preserve what they offer towards these families, which deserve all that is offered to them and all the best, as they have provided what is more precious in order to protect the land and honor for this country.