Ashuhadaa organization distributes Ramadhan food basckets in Raymah

The branch of Ashuhada’a organization in Reema governorate on Tuesday has launched the distribution of Ramadan food baskets to the families of martyrs in the province.

During the inauguration, provincial supervisor Zeid al-Azam has pointed to the importance of caring for the families of the martyrs, recognizing that their sacrifices in defending the country, have achieved security and stability.


He noted the efforts of the organization’s administrators and supporters to alleviate the suffering of the families of the martyrs in the province in light of the difficult situation as a result of the continuing aggression and siege.


The governor’s undersecretaries, Mohammed Murad and Yaya al-Dabibi, pointed out that the distribution of food baskets to the families of the martyrs will contribute to alleviating their suffering under the current phase, calling on businessmen to take care of the families of the martyrs.

For his part, Abdul Ilah Hameed, an official of the Branch of the Martyrs organization in the province, explained that the launch of the project to distribute Ramadan food baskets to the families of martyrs comes within the framework of the organization’s sense of its national and humanitarian duty in the face of the sacrifices they made in order to defend the country, its security, sovereignty and independence.

The inauguration was attended by Al-Jabin Directorate Supervisor Abdul Malik Jahaf and a number of local and executive leaders