Ashuhadaa organisation distributes Ramadhan food basket in Sahar district in Saddah



The Ashuhada’a organization in cooperation with AZahra Foundation in Al-Ana’ad area of Sa’da governorate has distributed today the Ramadan food basket to the families of the martyrs in the region.


‘The distribution included 100 food baskets for the beneficiaries of the families of the martyrs of al-Anad area of the Directorate of Sahar, the branch of Ashuhada’a organization in Sa’da said.


The Branch of Ashuhada’a organization director praised the efforts of A Zahra Foundation in supporting the organization and strengthening its role in caring for the families of the martyrs, thanking those responsible for their dedication in supporting the most important segments of society, which have presented their supporters for the sake of God and the nation.