(12,000) 1,000 distributing

Ramadan baskets

To all the families of the martyrs.

Sa’da Governorate Ashuhadda organisation launches

[12 April 2021]

The branch of the Ashuhada’a organization has launched this morning the distribution of Ramadan food basket in the presence of

Provincial Governor and the branch Manager of the organization and a number of personalities

In Sa’da governorate.


As confirmed by the director of the branch of the organizationa

Mr. Abdullah Al-Kastban

That the Ramadan basket will include

all the families of martyrs in all

Provincial directorates as they varied

Baskets between flour and pasta

Sugar and oil are prescribed.


And by the way he thanked the director of the branch of the foundation

Abdullah Al-Kastban all the institutions supporting and contributing to the foundation

Sponsoring the families of the martyrs.


Provincial Governor Sheikh Mohammed

Jaber Awad Shukr Foundation

And those who care about it.

With this affected segment of the

aggression and a blockade imposed on

Yemen for the seventh year in a row