A brief history about Ashuhadaa organisation of Yemen martyrs

Alshuhada’a organization: is a social developmental organization that looks after and supports the martyr’s families and the children of martyrs in different fields.


Alshuhada’a organization was established in 2011 on the instructions of Sayyed_Abdulmalek Alhothi as an urgent necessity for the increasing in the number of martyrs because of the going on sau-Amrican aggression on Yemen.


Alshuhada’a organization is giving its best efforts to make the martyr’s families and their children live as comfortable as possible.


There are many services in different fields of life presented by the organization for the families of those who sacrificed themselves for the country’s safety, which is a tiny part of the loyalty to martyrs.

Here are a brief for some of the services presented by the organization:

1_ social support including education, salaries, marriage and solving social problems.


2_healthy care Health care: is a program carried out by Alshuhada’a organization to care about the treatment of patients of martyrs’ families in government and private hospitals and to provide possible costs for health care continuously throughout the year through its branches in various provinces of Yemen

It also includes treatment, the drugs, and financial helps in some cases.

3- School bag project:

The project is implemented by Alshuhada’a organization through the Department of Educational Care for the sons of martyrs in the beginning of every study year and it includes the following :

For the organization interesting in the children of the martyrs, it makes its best efforts to encourage them to learn and build them educationally and scientifically to obtain scientific qualifications adopting the future; the organization distributes school bags for all the children of martyrs.


4- The Marriage program of the sons of martyrs:

A program carried out by the Martyrs Foundation through a protection program in which the children of the martyrs at the marriage age are helped to marry and enable them to start a family

Program objectives:

1_ Taking care of the children of the martyrs socially and morally

  1. Fortify the children of the martyrs at the age of marriage and to protect them from being the victims of the soft war

3- Activating the community role in caring for the children of martyrs and finding community initiatives to encourage children to marry

4- Fortify and marrying widows of martyrs wishing to marry.

Therefore, the organization is doing the following:


_Provide possible amounts of money for marriage costs as well as in-kind items such as food baskets and other marriage requirements

– Helping applicants to marry with the widows of martyrs with money and in kind_items


5- Rehabilitation and training program:

A program established by Alshuhada’a organization to train the children and families of martyrs to obtain a profession or profession that earns them money and increases their economic status by themselves.


Program objectives:

1- Alleviating the suffering of the families and children of the martyrs in their economic life

2- Developing the skills and abilities of the sons of martyrs with the aim of integrating into society as active individuals

  1. Transforming the families of martyrs from consumer families to productive families

4- Eliminating the time vacuum in which many sons and widows of martyrs might get


Targeted all the children and widows of martyrs who are able to work in the various liberated provinces.


6 Sewing training project:

A project implemented by Alshuhada’a organization rehabilitation and training program to enable widows or daughters of martyrs to acquire a sewing profession to raise the level of the family’s economic income.


Program objectives:

1- Raising the income level of the martyr’s family

  1. Turning the martyr’s family into a productive family that can be self-reliant

3- Filling the time gap for the daughters and widows of martyrs by practicing sewing


All the daughters and widows of martyrs who are able to work in the various liberated provinces.

7-our aims: