opening a new training laboratory for martyrs families in Thammar

Opening of the upgrading laboratory for training and empowerment of the families of martyrs in Thamar by Alshuhadaa organisation




The deputies of Themar Province Abbas Ali al-Ammi and Mahmoud al-Jubin tAl-Murtadhopened the upgrading laboratory for training and economic empowerment of the families of martyrs, with funding from the Martyrs’ Foundation.


They looked at the plant’s components from training and production halls, raw material stores, plant management and various facilities.


He pointed out the importance of such projects to rehabilitate the families of martyrs and turn them into productive families that depend on themselves to provide a decent life. He pointed out the importance of supporting the efforts of the Martyr’s Foundation to care for the families of martyrs in various aspects; we are familiar with the sacrifices of their relatives who gave their lives cheap in defending the homeland.


Al-Jabein called on the moneymen and government institutions to contribute to the revival of social solidarity and to care for the families of the martyrs by supporting the foundation in implementing projects to enable the families of the martyrs economically.



Hussein al-Qadhi, director of the care sector at the Martyrs’ Foundation, said the plant was the first seed for projects to empower the families of martyrs in all directorates. He called for concerted efforts to support the Martyrs’ Foundation.


For his part, Abdul Malik al-Maroni, director of the foundation’s branch in the province, pointed out that the opening of the plant is part of the foundation’s activities in supporting the trend towards production to improve the conditions of the families of martyrs. He pointed out that the lab targets 60 trainees in each batch in sewing and embroidery.


During the opening ceremony, the agents al-Amfi, al-Jabin, the director of the welfare sector and the director of the foundation’s branch, honored the representative of the Martyrs Foundation in the eastern sector of Thamar Sadiq al-Rimi for his role in serving the families of the martyrs.

The opening was attended by the directors of the Education Office Mohammed Al-Hadi, the Social Welfare Fund Abdu Al-Fadhli, the Post Office Abdullah Al-Maroni, the Tax Office Khaled Al-Murtadha, the training department at the main center, Abdul Fattah Al-Ardoun and the directors of the departments of the branch of the foundation.