the distribution of4500 food baskets in Amran to martyrs families city


Ashuhadaa orgnisation with collaboration with Zakat staff has launched yesterday the distribution of 4500 food baskets to martyrs families in Amran city in the occassion of martyrs anniversay 1442

In the launching event the governer of the city, Dr. Faisel Jumaan has pointed out to this great project by Ashuhadaa orgnisation because it presents good help to martyrs families.he also praised the great role of Zakat coropration and its efforts in helping poor people especially martyrs families which is regarded as jihadian for Allah because it is the martyrs who achieved this great victories for yemen

In his side , the representitive ofAshuhadaa orgnisation, Hamza Alezihas praised the Zakat coropration in helping the orgnisation to achieve its projects