The Martyrs Foundation celebrates the wedding of seven grooms from the sons of the martyrs in al-Jawf ,Bart

The Martyrs Foundation – al-Jawf, Bart

Today, Thursday 8/10/2020, the Martyrs Foundation celebrated the wedding of seven grooms of the sons of the martyrs in al-Jawf governorate, which was held in the Al-Anan District on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the September 21 Revolution.

In the collective wedding, which was attended by the director of the directorate, the official of the foundation’s branch, representatives of the directorates, a number of personalities, and a large gathering of citizens

During the celebration, the director of the branch of tin the governorate, Fadil Al-Ansi, indicated that the wedding is a translation of the great concern shown by the leader of the revolution with the families of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in defense of religion and the homeland.

The director of the directorate delivered a speech in which he thanked the Martyrs Foundation for its great concern towards the families of martyrs at all levels, calling on everyone to pay attention to this segment, as it is one of the holiest segments of society as the families of martyrs are everyone’s responsibility

The grooms, for their part, expressed their thanks to the Leader of the Revolution, the Martyrs Foundation, and everyone who contributed to the celebration, stressing that they follow the martyrs’ approach in defending religion, homeland and dignity