The Martyrs Foundation celebrates the wedding of five grooms from the sons of the martyrs from Marib

The Martyrs Foundation
03 / Oct / 2020

The Martyrs Foundation today celebrated the wedding of five grooms of the sons of martyrs from Marib governorate in the collective wedding that was held in Sana’a on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the September 21 Revolution.

In the collective wedding attended by the first undersecretary of the governorate of Marib, Muhammad Muhsin Alwan, the director of the branch of the director of the Martyrs Foundation in the governorate, Aziz Al-Zaidi, indicated that the wedding is a translation of the great concern that the Leader of the Revolution and the Supreme Political Council give to the families of the martyrs who have written heroic epics and sacrificed their lives in defense of the homeland.

He pointed out the need to expand the circle of concern and care for the families of the martyrs as the least duty towards those who have given themselves cheap to defend the life of the homeland, praising everyone who supports the Martyrs Foundation to carry out its duty towards the sons and families of the martyrs.

For their part, the grooms expressed their thanks to the Leader of the Revolution, the Martyrs Foundation, and all those who contributed to the celebration of completing half of their religion, stressing that they are proceeding on the path and footsteps of the martyrs in defending the homeland and safeguarding its life until the apparent victory is achieved.