The thirteenth collective wedding for the sons of the martyrs in Ibb Governorate

The Martyrs Foundation – Ibb

In Ibb governorate, a collective wedding was organized for (21) grooms from the sons of the martyrs in the governorate on the occasion of the anniversary of the (21) revolution of September.

During the reception organized by the Martyrs Foundation and the leadership of the local authority this morning in celebration of this wedding, interspersed with folkloric paragraphs and Faraih songs,and in the presence of the President of Ibb University Dr. Tariq Al-Mansoub, the governorate’s agents Abdel Hamid Al-Shaheri, Abdel Fattah Ghalab, Rakan Al-Naqib, Ashraf Al-Mutawakel, Sadiq Hamzah, and a number of directors of the general executive offices ,Major General Abdel-Rab Al-Jarfan congratulated on behalf of himself and on behalf of the leadership of the local authority and the supervisory office all the grooms who celebrate with two joys, the joy of marriage and the joy of the sixth national day of the September 21 Revolution, which restored dignity to this country and its people.

Pointing out that the martyrs are the people of the merit and masters of loyalty to this country and the continuation of the September Revolution until the full achievement of its goals.
He pointed out that there is no compromise in the success of this revolution and its principles, and the continuation of steadfastness and confrontation until victory is achieved and the fulfillment of all the sacrifices that fell for it.And he called for organizing more of these collective weddings for the sons of the martyrs ,for the wounded and those stationed in the frontiers and fronts.