A number of martyrs’ families, in the districts of Sahar and Majz in Saada, visited

The Martyrs Foundation – Saada
September 10, 2020

The governor of Saada Muhammad Jaber Awad, along with the directors of the districts of Sahar Khaled Al-Dhiban and Majz Muhammad Dhaifallah, visited a number of families of martyrs in the two districts.

The visitors pointed out the role of the martyrs in defeating the enemy and inflicting painful losses on various fields and fronts.

During the visit, the governor Awad Salam sent the greetings of the Leader of the Revolution, Sayyed. Abdul-Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi  to the families of the martyrs.

He stressed that this visit comes in fulfillment of the martyrs who gave their lives cheap in the face of the forces of aggression and mercenaries.

While the families of the martyrs expressed their gratitude to the leader of the revolution, the leadership of the local authority and the Martyrs Foundation for taking care of the families of the martyrs, renewing the pledge to continue on the path of the martyrs until the bold victory is achieved.