The Martyrs Foundation in Saada holds the ninth collective wedding for a constellation of the sons of martyrs

The Martyrs Foundation – Saada

September 3, 2020
The Martyrs Foundation, Saada branch, organized yesterday, Thursday, the ninth collective wedding for 82 martyrs’ sons in the governorate.
At the ceremony, the Governor of Saada Muhammad Jaber Awad, in the presence of the President of the Martyrs Foundation, the father, Mr. Ahmed Garan, congratulated the grooms for their joy and happiness, appreciating the blessed efforts made by the Foundation in holding this great collective wedding.
He noted the continuous interest that the Martyrs Foundation attaches to the families of the martyrs, which is a translation of the concern and care of the Leader, may God protect him.
Hussein Khalil also praised in the speech of the Martyrs Foundation for the great efforts that Mr. Abdul Malik Badr Al-Din Al Houthi gives to the Martyrs Foundation and to the families of the martyrs and their children, and praised everyone who contributed to the completion of this wedding and everyone who supports the Foundation in caring for the families of the martyrs.
In turn, the groom, Abdullah Abed Hamza, on behalf of the grooms thanked the Leader for his great interest in the families of the martyrs and his constant follow-up, and also appreciated the efforts of the Martyrs Foundation in holding this wedding and caring for the families of the martyrs on an ongoing basis.
He also stressed loyalty to the blood of the martyrs and walking in their footsteps in the face of brutal aggression, pointing out that the aggression will not be able to stop the joys of the Yemeni people, no matter how much it exaggerates its crimes and increases its siege.
The ceremony was attended by the commander of the Hamadan bin Zaid axis, Major General Yahya Abdullah Al-Razami, military and security leaders, community figures, and a large gathering of grooms’ relatives and friends.