The Martyrs Foundation in Taiz governorate holds a collective wedding for 12 bridegrooms from among the sons of martyrs in the governorate

The Martyrs Foundation – Taiz

In light of the leadership’s interest in the families of the martyrs in various fields, 12 bridegrooms from the sons of the martyrs in Taiz governorate , on Aug. 18th,celebrated the completion of half of their religion in a collective wedding sponsored by the Foundation in cooperation with the local authority in the governorate.

The Governor of the Governorate, Mr. Salim Al-Maghlis, praised the level of preparation and arrangement for the success of the collective wedding of the sons of the martyrs, in loyalty and in gratitude to their precious sacrifices who wrote the greatest heroic epics in defending the homeland and facing aggression.

Emphasizing the keenness of the leadership and the local authority to provide all means of care, support and concern for the families of the martyrs in various aspects as a deserved and sacred duty

He pointed to the importance of organizing weddings for the children of the martyrs in reminding society of the role of the martyrs and caring for their families … appreciating the initiatives that seek to help young people get married and complete half of their religion.

The wedding was attended by a number of local authority leaders, executive offices in the governorate, the supervisory office for Ansar Allah, and a large number of citizens.