The Martyrs Foundation in Taiz governorate launches the disbursement of Eid sums to the families of martyrs throughout the governorate’s directorates

The Martyrs Foundation – Taiz

On the occasion of the blessed Eid al-Adha, and under the slogan “Your gift is loyalty,” the Martyrs Foundation in Taiz Governorate, in cooperation with the General Authority for Zakat and the local authority in the governorate,July 29th, launched the disbursement of Eid al-Adha sums to the children of the martyrs in all directorates.

During the inauguration, the official of the Martyrs Foundation / Ali Al-Junaid confirmed that this inauguration comes in gratitude for the sacrifices made by the distinguished martyrs for the sake of God and the defense of the homeland. It is the least that can be offered to the families of those who have given their lives and blood cheap for the sake of pride and dignity.

For his part, Director of the General Authority for Zakat Branch / Shawqi Mughalis, explained that the Authority will not hesitate for a moment to support these noble families that have gained the best of their men and children, and that the General Authority for Zakat contributed 50% of the project, which targeted one thousand and thirteen sons and daughters of a martyr in Taiz Governorate.