The Martyrs Foundation in the branches of the provinces of Al-Dhali – Lahj and Shabwa inaugurates the cash project for the Eid clothing for the children of the martyrs in the three provinces’ directorates

Martyrs Foundation – Dali – Lahj – Shabwa

In partnership with the General Authority of Zakat, the branches of the Martyrs Foundation in the provinces of Al-Dhalea, Lahj, and Shabwah on May 17th inaugurated the distribution of cash amounts for the Eid clothing at twenty five thousand riyals for each of the childern of the martyrs, male and female, throughout the three directorates of the provinces

In the inauguration, which was attended by the Deputy Governor of Al-Dali’a province , Sheikh / Aziz Al-Haidari and Director of the Office of the General Supervisor, Al-Dali ‘. Mr ,Abu Mustafa al-Mushki ,the official of the cultural unit in the province, Mr/ Abu Sajid, and the official of the Martyrs Foundation, Mr. Muhammad Al-Gharbani, and the Director General of Zakat General Authority, Abu Muhammad Al-Dhahyani, and many social and security personalities.