The Martyrs Foundation, Saada branch, launches the fifth free mall for the Eid clothes for the childern of the martyrs for 11500 childern of martyrs in the province

Martyrs Foundation – Saada province

Today, Thursday, 21 Ramadan 1441 AH, corresponding to May 14, 2020, the Martyrs Foundation for the Care and Rehabilitation of Families of the Martyrs of Saada province inaugurated the fifth free mall of the Eid clothing for the childern of the martyrs in the province, which targeted more than 15 thousand childern of martyrs in the province.

The head of the foundation , Mr. Ahmed Ahmed Grana, accompanied by the governorate of Muhammad Jaber Awad, and the head of the foundation’s branch in the province, Mr. Abdullah Al-Kestban, the director of the branch of the Supreme Council for Humanitarian Affairs, Mr. Muhammad Hussein Baidan, ,the president of the University of Saada, Dr. Abdul Rahim Al-Hamran, and the director of the General Authority of Zakat in Saada, Mr. Muhammad Ali Qili, launched the fifth free mall of clothing , which targeted 11500 childern of martyrs, and in the presence of a large number of province personalities and the families of the martyrs.

During the launching of the mall, the governor of the province evalued the great efforts made by the Martyrs Foundation in providing all services related to the families of the province, especially projects that bring joy and smile to the faces of their children, especially the Eid clothing project, praising the great cooperation of the General Authority of Zakat, which contributed 50% of the project, He called on everyone to cooperate with the Martyrs Foundation, as the families of the martyrs are everyone’s responsibility.