The Martyrs Foundation in the Capital Secretariat launches the free exhibition 1441 AH for the children’s clothing of the martyrs for (4000) ones of the martyrs

The Martyrs Foundation – the Capital Secretariat

The Martyrs Foundation, the Capital Secretariat Branch,  launched  , Tuesday 12 Ramadan 1441 corresponding to May 5, 2020 AD The fifth free mall for clothing for the children of the martyrs in the province for (4000) ones of the martyrs.

In the ceremony .which was attended by the Secretary of the Capital, Professor Hammoud Abbad , the Acting Executive Director of the Martyrs Foundation, Mr. Hussein Al-Qadi, the head of the General Authority for Zakat, Sheikh Shamsan Abu Active, Mr. Abdul Salam Al-Talbi, , responsible for the Eid clothing Project,the acting director of the branch of the Martyrs Foundation, Mr. Sami Musa, and the official of the martyrs of Sana’a province branch, Mr. Saleh Hamza.

Caring for the families of the martyrs is a responsibility that falls on everyone, and not only on the Martyrs’ Foundation or the Zakat Authority, which requires everyone to join hands and actively contribute to supporting all the projects offered by the Martyrs Foundation, he pointed out.

Mr. Hussein Al-Qadi, Acting Executive Director of the Martyrs Foundation, delivered a speech in which he thanked all the benevolent and supportive of the projects of the Martyrs Foundation, including the Eid cladding project for the children of the martyrs, praising the role of the General Authority of Zakat in its support of the Foundation’s projects.

The Foundation will adopt ,during the coming weeks, many projects that contribute to alleviate the suffering of the sons and daughters of the martyrs, valuing the support and attention of the Governor of Sanaa and the General Authority of Zakat for the Families of the Martyrs, he stressed.

While the project official, Mr. Abdul Salam Al-Talbi, indicated that the Eid clothing provided by the Martyrs Foundation for the sons and daughters of the martyrs is the least that can be presented ,pointing out it is relied on the families, the wives and daughters and sisters of the martyrs ,to make the clothing of the daughters of the martyrs.

He affirmed that the future clothing of the sons and daughters of the martyrs would be a product of the families of the martyrs.

After that, the Acting of the Martyrs Foundation Branch, Mr. Sami Moussa, delivered a speech in which he welcomed all the attendees at the launching, thanking everyone who contributed and participated in the success of this project.

He called on the benevolent and the capital owners to make an active contribution in supporting the Foundation’s projects as fulfillment and honor for the great martyrs who gave their souls for God’s sake in order to gain pride and dignity. This is not something comparing to the great sacrifices made for the Islamic nation to live in pride and dignity.

The launching was attended by a number of martyrs’ families and a number of central workers at the Martyrs Foundation, the Capital Secretariat branch and the Zakat Authority.