The Martyrs Foundation holds a workshop regarding the general preparation for receiving the blessed month of Ramadan

The Martyrs Foundation – Sanaa

Today, Sunday 26 Shaaban 1441 Hijri, corresponding to 19/4/2020, a workshop on public preparation for the reception of the blessed month of Ramadan was held.

The meeting discussed the importance of the interaction of all employees of the foundation and its branches in the governorates with the Ramadan program and the need to take care of the families of the martyrs so that they have a prominent presence in reviving this holy month as an important educational station to reach the desired goals and presented on the meeting agenda.

The meeting was attended by guests from those concerned in the cultural and educational aspect, in addition to the participation of the officials of the branches of the foundation ,those working in the educational workshop ,and the general management of the foundation with some officials of the departments.

Among the most prominent topics that came out of the meeting are serious and active dealing with field performance ,dealing with the procedures required to be implemented in the branches and creating the general preparation for the blessed month of Ramadan.