Watch: the funeral of a group of martyrs of the Yemeni provinces , popular committees in a number of Yemeni provinces in 7-3-2020

Martyrs Foundation-Yemeni provinces

In a scene that reflects the most wonderful meanings of misery, sacrifice, redemption, faith in the cause, pride and dignity, the people of Sana’a governorate celebrated the funeral of martyrs of pride and dignity who sacrified their lives ,facing the aggressors and their hypocrites .

The families celebrated their martyrs who embodied the finest attitudes of persistence and courage in the presence of a large community , having the honor to the great martyrs who showed the best meanings of the championship while facing the enemies of Allah and the country from the forces of conquest and occupation and their hypocrites .

They were very thankful to the great pride and divine medal that Allah gave for sacrifing martyrs in order to defend the dignity, pride, independence of Yemen and its great nation.

# Our martyrs- our greatest