In pictures .. Martyrs Foundation in # Saada governorate concludes two training courses in the field of sewing, incense and perfume making

Martyrs Foundation – Saada

The Rehabilitation and Training Department of the Martyrs Foundation on Februray 23rd in Saada governorate held a graduation ceremony for two sessions of the families of the martyrs in the field of sewing and making incense and perfumery.

This was confirmed by the training official for the female side of the foundation, Professor / Afrah Moshhem during an explanation to the media that attended the graduation ceremony by saying that the time period of the session lasted 30 days, during which we absorbed 23 of the widows of the martyrs, where they received many activities and skills in the field of sewing and making incense and perfumes.

She explained that the most important thing they got was knowing how to detail in all sizes, as well as how to sew what was tailored, as well as knowing the incense and perfume industry through the merging and equations of raw materials for incense and perfumes.

She also affirmed that, Allah willing, during the coming sessions, the biggest number of martyrs widows will be joined, while also working to develop and upgrade the lab’s activities.

The trainees also expressed their gratitude to Allah first, then to the leader of the march, Sayyed. Abdulmalik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, who pays the families of the martyrs full attention and keenness to follow up and settle their conditions in various fields.

They thanked and appreced the Martyrs’ Foundation, stressing that the foundation is making tremendous efforts to care for and qualify the families of martyrs, being able to sew and make incense and perfumes is evidence of that

At the end of the celebration, the training team at the foundation handed over the women certificates of thanks and participation  in the two training sessions.