The Martyrs Foundation in Dhamar province launches the martyr’s anniversary with the opening of martyr exhibitions, visiing their graveyards, visiting their families and giving them gifts

The Martyrs Foundation – Dhamar

The Martyrs Foundation for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Families of Martyrs in Dhamar province commemorated the martyr anniversary of 1441 AH, carrying out a number of different activities, led by opening martyrs’ exhibitions and visiting the families of the martyrs and their graveyards.

The committee in charge from the main center and leadership of the foundation in the province started this morning Wednesday, 13 Jumada Al-Awal 1441 AH corresponding to January 8, 2019, in which the martyr anniversary is inaugurated each year, by visiting the graveyards of the martyrs in the vertical located in the city.

The foundation’s official in the province, the Judge ,Abdul-Malik Al-Marouni, and the team assigned from the main center headed by Mr., Abdul Salam Al-Talbi, go to check out the completion of the central exhibition fittings in the governorate, as well as exhibitions in the directorates of Jahran and Dhuran Anas, and the leaders ’martyrs exhibition, which will be opened tomorrow morning.